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dotsandplanes/inspiration tour #02 to zurich

Project: dotsanplanes tour created by Joost Vanhecke & An Michiels

Custom-made tour for Designregio Kortrijk for a group of 30 Flemish entrepreneurs.
Focus on making industry, urban planning, education, design, architecture and local lifestyle

The Zurich tour included company visits to international names such as Freitag, known from the colourful bags and a production and architecture tour at the Vitra Campus in Basel. We visited eye-opening examples of urban renewal, such as the participative residential development called Kalkbreite. The group got immersed into the world of high-end printing and bespoke stationary at the Hieronymus flagship store, designed by Belgian architect Glenn Sestig and constructed by the Kortrijk-based interiors specialists Descamps. We got a closer look at two high flyers in the field of education: a meet-and-greet with Thilo Alex Bruner, Head of Master Product Design at Écal, the successful school of art and design in Lausanne and we paid a visit the campus of the renowned university ETH, which is a forerunner in the field of architecture and robotics. Last but not least we took a refreshing dip in the river Limmat, just like the locals do.

Full programme Zurich Inspiration Tour #02

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