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stephen jones/momu antwerp

Another Christmas break, another visit to Antwerp. This time around I went to see Stephen Jones – The Accent of Fashion in the MOMU Fashion Museum. A lot has been written about it already, but I can only confirm that it is very much worth visiting, even if hats are not your dada.

The exhibition design was conceived by Geert Bruloot, who owns the largest collection of Jones’ hats and who established Antwerp’s most famous fashion shop ‘Louis’ back in 1986. The show has been split up in four themes, each represented by an impressive blown up version of a key hat and mixed with bold fashion by designers Jones collaborated with throughout his career. His work looks finely crafted and sophisticated but it is light at the same time with the occasional hilarious touch. Would you prefer some egg and bacon on your hat, or maybe a creation with deconstructed barbie dolls? On until the 13th of February.

Can I just mention how much I appreciated that photography was allowed at the MOMU. It is great to be able to spread the word about inspiring exhibitions, even if it is on a small scale. I was at the Design Museum in London a while ago and was told off for taking photos – with my phone – of their current Fashion Illustration exhibition. Such a missed opportunity for them. They are probably contemplating how to implement new media from higher up while the power really lies with passionate visitors themselves … free advertising guys?! Right, that’s off my chest!

Stephen Jones 01
Stephen Jones 02
Stephen Jones & Walter
Stephen Jones 03

1. Stephen Jones 2. Science theme/Blow Up of ‘Soho’ 3. Image of fez for Jean Paul Gaultier 1984
4. Adventure theme/Blow Up of ‘London’ 5. Adventure theme /’Eggs&Bacon’ & ‘French Onion Soup’
6-7. Science theme/Stephen Jones & Walter Van Beirendonck
8. Rococo theme/Stephen Jones for Comme des Garçons 9. Glamour theme/’In Private’ & ‘Myra’ 10. Glamour theme/photoprint diadem ‘Ecstacy’ in foreground

Photos by An Michiels.

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