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Don’t underestimate the power of advertising on the tube.  While visiting Madrid last weekend in a desperate attempt to soak up some sun before we head into winter, I came across a poster for a Guy Bourdin exhibition that proved well worth visiting.  Always nice to stumble upon things that are a bit off the beaten track too, this show took place in a beautiful water works tower near the Ríos Rosas tube station.  The exact name of the place is Sala de Exposiciones Del Canal Isabel II de la Comunidad de Madrid and the exhibition runs until the 14th of November.  Make sure you take some form of ID as it is within some city council grounds with quite tight security.

The show was curated by Nicolle Meyer – muse and model of Bourdin in the late 70’s – for the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2003 and has toured the world since. Apart from his striking photographs, storyboard style sketches, poems and magazines have been included.  If you don’t know Bourdin’s work yet, check it out here. He managed to work as a fashion photographer for French Vogue for over 30 years, from the mid 50’s to the late 80’s.  It is remarkable that – apart from the odd 70’s prop – the images in the show don’t look dated at all. It’s pretty clear that the David Lachapelles of this world admire him too: it’s loud, surreal and seductive.  A winner I’d say!

Guy Bourdin

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