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Woning De Biekorf: oude ziel, nieuwe thuis

Marilyn en Frederik legden samen met Callebaut Architecten de ziel bloot van hun jaren ’30 woning in het Gentse Miljoenen kwartier.

dotsandplanes/inspiration tour #03 to france & belgium

Project: dotsandplanes tour created by Joost Vanhecke & An Michiels

A day out for a group of selected European interior designers and architects from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

A day out with dotsandplanes revolves around international networking with like-minded professionals and unique visits to cultural, commercial and gastronomic highlights in the field of architecture and design.

Programme: architectural visit Villa Cavrois (Croix, FR), company visit Limited Edition rugs (Roubaix, BE), studio visit designers Muller Van Severen (Ghent, BE), retail interior design & apero at Graanmarkt 13 (Antwerp, BE), dinner at The Jane, food by Sergio Herman & Nick Bril, interior design by Piet Boon & Studio Job (Antwerp, BE).

Full Tour #03 information

Studio visit Muller Van Severen – image credit: STØR – Piet-Albert Goethals

dotsandplanes/inspiration tour #02 to zurich

Project: dotsanplanes tour created by Joost Vanhecke & An Michiels

Custom-made tour for Designregio Kortrijk for a group of 30 Flemish entrepreneurs.
Focus on making industry, urban planning, education, design, architecture and local lifestyle

The Zurich tour included company visits to international names such as Freitag, known from the colourful bags and a production and architecture tour at the Vitra Campus in Basel. We visited eye-opening examples of urban renewal, such as the participative residential development called Kalkbreite. The group got immersed into the world of high-end printing and bespoke stationary at the Hieronymus flagship store, designed by Belgian architect Glenn Sestig and constructed by the Kortrijk-based interiors specialists Descamps. We got a closer look at two high flyers in the field of education: a meet-and-greet with Thilo Alex Bruner, Head of Master Product Design at Écal, the successful school of art and design in Lausanne and we paid a visit the campus of the renowned university ETH, which is a forerunner in the field of architecture and robotics. Last but not least we took a refreshing dip in the river Limmat, just like the locals do.

Full programme Zurich Inspiration Tour #02

dotsandplanes/european inspiration tour #01

Project: dotsandplanes tour created by Joost Vanhecke & An Michiels

European Inspiration Tour #01 by dotsandplanes took an intimate group of selected US-based interior designers and architects to Copenhagen and Switzerland from June 15th-19th 2015. The tour included selected company visits, meet-and-greets, culture, gastronomy and did not miss the momentum of Design and Art Basel.

Company visits: &tradition (DK), Dinesen (DK), Karakter (DK), Ruckstuhl (CH), USM Modular Furniture (CH)
Meet-and-greets: Made By Hand (CH), Thomas Lykke OEO Studio (CH), Norm Architects (DK)
Culture: VIP visit Design & Art Basel (CH), Vitra Design Campus (CH), Paul Klee Museum (CH)
Gastronomy: Restaurants Uformel (DK) & Höst (DK)

Review by tour participant Gin Braverman of Gin Designs Group in Papercity Magazine (US)

interior design/USM celebrates 50th anniversary

Article in Interior Design (US)
June 8th 2015

Text: An Michiels
Images: courtesy of USM

This year, Swiss brand USM is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Haller Modular Furniture System. It has become a design classic that is recognized the world over and is part of MoMA’s permanent design collection. USM’s rich history combined with its forward-thinking project50, which looks ahead at the future of modularity, led creative director Joost Vanhecke and curator An Michiels to schedule an exclusive visit to USM’s original premises in Münsingen, Switzerland, in the dotsandplanes European Inspiration Tour.

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Article in Kwintessens (BE), quarterly magazine about design and fashion published by Design Flanders in collaboration with the Flanders Fashion Institute. Each issue is devoted to a different theme and designed by a different graphic designer. It explores the boundaries of design and fashion in Flanders and far beyond.
06/2015 – ‘From Birth to Death’ issue

Text ‘Hookedonwalls focuses on innovation’: An Michiels
Graphic Design: Ines Cox

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audi magazine/mons cultural capital 2015

Article in Audi Magazine no.19 (BE)

Text: An Michiels & Johan Copermans

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de morgen magazine/stout & co.

Article in De Morgen Magazine (BE)

Text: An Michiels
Images: Eline Ros

Belgian landscape architect Steven Delva (Delva Landscape Architects) and Dutch interior architect Stefan Bennebroek (Puur Plus) transformed a 60ties school building in Amsterdam into a place to work, live and welcome guests. The b&b is aptly named ‘Stout & Co‘ after the local stout brewery that was founded on the site in 1733.

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Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 17.20.01

designX50 nº4

DesignX50 nº4 is a publication by Designregio Kortijk with innovative new products from the Kortrijk region.

Selection commitee headed by designer Stefan Schöning.
Editing: An Michiels & Björn Crul
Graphic Design: Rosalien Eggermont

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Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 21.42.15

de morgen magazine/vitra campus

Article in De Morgen Magazine (BE)

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Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.44.21

de morgen magazine/interior without boundaries

Article in De Morgen Magazine (BE)
Special Interieur – 20/04/2013
Images Piet De Kersgieter, Sarah Blee & Frederik Vercruysse

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DMM i.s.m.architecten

de morgen magazine/34m2 of joy in paris

Article in De Morgen Magazine (BE)
Special Interieur – 20/04/2013
Images Eric Heranval

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DMM Klein Wonen, groots leven

de morgen magazine/workspaces S-M-L

Article in De Morgen Magazine (BE)
Special Interieur – 20/04/2013
Images Romain Menke

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DMM Werkruimte op maat

de morgen magazine/ventura lambrate

Article in De Morgen Magazine (BE)
Special Interieur – 20/04/2013
Images Nicole Marnati

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DMM Platform voor buitenbeentjes

de invasie magazine/column

Column in magazine #2 by De Invasie, Belgian platform for young design talent.

Profile picture by Sarah Blee

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spead De Invasie


Article on i.s.m.architecten in DECORS (BE)
3 monthly edition Sept-Oct-Nov 2012

Images Sarah Blee

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 15.20.39

elle magazine/design contributions

Elle Magazine (BE)
Compilaton of Design Page April/Mai 2012
& design contributions July 2012

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Elle Magazine contributions

stephen jones/momu antwerp

Another Christmas break, another visit to Antwerp. This time around I went to see Stephen Jones – The Accent of Fashion in the MOMU Fashion Museum. A lot has been written about it already, but I can only confirm that it is very much worth visiting, even if hats are not your dada.

The exhibition design was conceived by Geert Bruloot, who owns the largest collection of Jones’ hats and who established Antwerp’s most famous fashion shop ‘Louis’ back in 1986. The show has been split up in four themes, each represented by an impressive blown up version of a key hat and mixed with bold fashion by designers Jones collaborated with throughout his career. His work looks finely crafted and sophisticated but it is light at the same time with the occasional hilarious touch. Would you prefer some egg and bacon on your hat, or maybe a creation with deconstructed barbie dolls? On until the 13th of February.

Can I just mention how much I appreciated that photography was allowed at the MOMU. It is great to be able to spread the word about inspiring exhibitions, even if it is on a small scale. I was at the Design Museum in London a while ago and was told off for taking photos – with my phone – of their current Fashion Illustration exhibition. Such a missed opportunity for them. They are probably contemplating how to implement new media from higher up while the power really lies with passionate visitors themselves … free advertising guys?! Right, that’s off my chest!

Stephen Jones 01
Stephen Jones 02
Stephen Jones & Walter
Stephen Jones 03

1. Stephen Jones 2. Science theme/Blow Up of ‘Soho’ 3. Image of fez for Jean Paul Gaultier 1984
4. Adventure theme/Blow Up of ‘London’ 5. Adventure theme /’Eggs&Bacon’ & ‘French Onion Soup’
6-7. Science theme/Stephen Jones & Walter Van Beirendonck
8. Rococo theme/Stephen Jones for Comme des Garçons 9. Glamour theme/’In Private’ & ‘Myra’ 10. Glamour theme/photoprint diadem ‘Ecstacy’ in foreground

Photos by An Michiels.

photography/guy bourdin/madrid

Don’t underestimate the power of advertising on the tube.  While visiting Madrid last weekend in a desperate attempt to soak up some sun before we head into winter, I came across a poster for a Guy Bourdin exhibition that proved well worth visiting.  Always nice to stumble upon things that are a bit off the beaten track too, this show took place in a beautiful water works tower near the Ríos Rosas tube station.  The exact name of the place is Sala de Exposiciones Del Canal Isabel II de la Comunidad de Madrid and the exhibition runs until the 14th of November.  Make sure you take some form of ID as it is within some city council grounds with quite tight security.

The show was curated by Nicolle Meyer – muse and model of Bourdin in the late 70’s – for the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2003 and has toured the world since. Apart from his striking photographs, storyboard style sketches, poems and magazines have been included.  If you don’t know Bourdin’s work yet, check it out here. He managed to work as a fashion photographer for French Vogue for over 30 years, from the mid 50’s to the late 80’s.  It is remarkable that – apart from the odd 70’s prop – the images in the show don’t look dated at all. It’s pretty clear that the David Lachapelles of this world admire him too: it’s loud, surreal and seductive.  A winner I’d say!

Guy Bourdin

JJAM curators collective/everyday delights

Julia Jarvis and An Michiels of JJAM Curators Collective created a postcard book including all 46 winning designs of the Everyday Delights exhibition, which took place at Tent London in September 2010 during the London Design Festival.

JJAM Curators Collective challenged London-based designers to reinvent the classic yellow duster in a way that we never imagined before.  The project aims to use the most banal everyday object – the duster – to promote the creativity of London’s contemporary design scene.

Everyday Delights reviewed on

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