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Whenever I have the intention to check out some of the East End galleries on my doorstep, it inevitably turns into a social event – read drinking cheap beers on Vyner Street on the first Thursday of the month.  This time around I decided to spend some quality gallery time and joined the Artfeelers Tour.  Claire Flannery’s no nonsense approach – insights in contemporary art understandable for all, no overkill and a perfectly timed pub break – worked well.  End of the day it is a Saturday afternoon event and not a highbrow insiders club. The tour includes introductions from the actual gallerists or curators and encourages to chat with fellow Artfeelers, in my case Betsy-from-New-York and Leonardo-the-Italian-painter (no not that Leonardo).  We dropped by Hales Gallery in the Tea Building to check out the work of contemporary ceramic artist Richard Slee, followed by Kaleid Edition‘s exhibition on fine artists’ books, then off to Kemistry‘s show on Zero Per Zero’s graphic design series called ‘City Railway Systems’ and finally All Visual Arts‘ show on Jonathan Wateridge’s intriguing work at the Tramshed on Rivington Street.

See some images of Jonathan Wateridge’s ‘Another Place’ below.  On photo the work might look photorealistic, but it actually has very painterly qualities, which is worth checking out.  It is a series of seven large oil paintings (2.8x4m!) depicting scenes from the production and narrative of a fictional American film that is centred on an unseen catastropic event.   The ‘actors’ in the scenes are Wateridge’s friends and the virtual 1:1 scale seems to invite you to step into the painting, only if you dare.  Very loaded, weird and wonderful.

Jonathan Wateridge Another Place

Jonathan Wateridge ‘Another Place’.  Image by All Visual Arts

Artfeelers Tour 01

Curators talk at the Jonathan Wateridge Show  –  Claire Flannery (Artfeelers) & Leonardo Magnani

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