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Braved the ice cold Antwerp weather last weekend to check out the sales and popped by the AF Vandevorst guerilla shop ‘Aktion I’.

The shop is unmistakable AF, with its antique hospital beds and its trademark austere, military look.
Apart from the military hospital look there are witty touches like the massive dumpster in which you can drop your old clothes.
A.F.’s women’s collection, ‘Nightfall’ lingerie and ‘Fetish’ footwear are on sale, as well as the new A. Friend jersey collection.
Aktion I will have a busy traveling schedule, every three months AF Vandevorst will set up shop in a variety of unique places in different cities.

Aktion I – AF Vandevorst
29/31 Volkstraat, 2000 Antwerp – Belgium
Open : Thursday – Monday 12:00-20:00 until the 31st of March 2010

Great sales all over Antwerp and cool new shops, this new concept store RA13 is also worth checking out.

AF Guerilla Store 01

AF Guerilla Store

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