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an archi/melody lane interior

studio-am just finished this interior alteration at a townhouse in Melody Lane in Highbury, London, with Ham Builders.

The wall you are looking at used to be a mezzanine with a plasterboard balustrade at the edge, open to the ground floor and the triple height void at the centre of the house.  The client wished to extend the mezzanine and infill the balustrade wall, mainly for acoustic reasons.

Instead of closing off the room, we decided to keep a visual link with the ground floor by providing a frameless glass window and a framed sliding glass door.  The sliding glass door allows for privacy if closed and for verbal communication with the ground floor if opened.  The proportions of the timber frame match those of the existing slot window to the corridor and attempt to form a coherent design matching the new with the old.  Quite extensive structural work – seen the small size of the job – had to be done with the help of Fluid Structure Engineers to extend the mezzanine.

Thanks Niamh & Richard for the nice commission, Rachel (Fluid) for the calcs and Clinton Ham (Ham Builders) for the fab detailing!

Melody Lane view

Melody Lane detail

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  1. ephraim says:

    great stuff; don’t understand why you need the glass balustrade though
    by the way; I love your blog

  2. Yes, was just thinking now, the blog looks very nice.

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