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art/xavier veilhan in versailles

For two more weeks, Xavier Veilhan’s work will be on display in and around the Palace of Versailles.

I only discovered this exhibition on a visit last weekend, it is definitely worth the detour if you are planning some Christmas shopping in Paris. The clash between the Baroque buildings and the contemporary art is interesting and causes an amusing confusion with some visitors, although this display is nowhere as confronting as the previous display of Jeff Koons‘ work.
There is a whole range of pieces, including a dynamic abstraction of a carriage and horses welcoming visitors at the forecourt and a hilarious Yuri Gagarin, depicted as a fallen king. ¬†The astronaut has literally dropped from the sky. ‘Les Architectes’ is a series of abstracted sculptures of famous contemporary architects. They have been put on pedestals, literally and figuratively consolidating their iconic status. You might have spotted Veilhan’s Tadao Ando and Norman Foster in a shocking blue version at the Perotin Gallery Stand of the Frieze Art Fair earlier this year.

It is amazing that Versailles is staging these interventions and allow visitors to rediscover this iconic place with a contemporary touch.

The exhibition closes at the 13th of December.


Veilhan Les architectes

Xavier Veilhan’s ‘Le Gisant, Youri Gagarine’ and ‘Les Architectes’. ¬†Photos by An Michiels.

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